Trieste 2 May 2018 – The debut of the Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018, organized in Trieste by Yacht Club Adriaco, is postponed until tomorrow. A truly capricious wind didn't allow the Race Committee to begin the starting sequence of the first two races scheduled for today. 67 crews from 17 nations will have to wait until tomorrow.

Day 1 started with 26-knots Bora wind with gusting up to 30 knots that forced the crews ashore. At 13:00 hours, when the first race was supposed to take place, the Bora wind dropped, leaving the way to a westerly wind that unluckily never blew over 4 knots. After waiting at sea for over three hours for a breeze that never came. PRO Giancarlo Crevatin canceled the races.

The first warning signal for tomorrow is scheduled at 11:00. According to the weather forecast a light bora breeze is expected in the morning and it will increase in the afternoon, reaching up to 18-20 knots. The Race Committee plans to finish three races, in order to catch up one of the two missed today. The Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018 is valid after 4 races, with the discard coming in after 5 races.